Fintech capital B.V. is a post GFC (global financial crisis) financial services provider based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our focus is giving our clients an affordable access to new financial technologies and assisting with a value-added offering.

We offer a partnership that consists of a solid foundation. Transparency and honesty are our core principles that comes alive through our innovative finance options.

Today’s emerging challenges create an unfair advantage by operating fluidly in a networked and elastic world. The new Fintech eco-system strips friction out of the system, removing the intermediary to connect market participants directly.

The new Fintechs leverage virtualization, distributed resources, and a proliferation of web-connected devices to provide transparency, access, and personalized service through persistent connectivity.

Multi-trillion dollar markets are being re-imagined by small teams of the most-talented individuals who are building on top of low-cost, modern post GFC technology stacks, at extreme pace.


Investing in Innovating Solutions